Her Universe

A world full of figurative surrealism, a very feminine painting with sharp curves, a marked expression of contemporary poetry and sensuality.



Her technique

Oil, worked with a brush and a palette knife in layers.




Her Cursus

For ages , the sheets that pass at her hand are filled with shapes entwined to infinity.
Over time, the pencil has been replaced by the brush and it's now on canvas that, for over 15 years, she invites us to share her imagination.

When released from the constraints of learning in the artists workshops she attends, she begins to paint women.

At first she paints very figuratives nudes and gradually She moves away to approach her fantasies.
The woman body, its curves, its mysteries become ubiquitous.

Then she represents the 3 Graces that means for her the difficulty of being both: daughter, wife and mother and translate the difficult relationship between body and mind

Over time her style become increasingly abstract and the woman body merges within the landscape and is no longer highlighted.

Blandine Tholance
32 avenue de la Division du Général Leclerc - 78200 Mantes-La-Jolie - France