Gérard Depardieu's unexpected visit
Double & Sens

Those paintinsg are the result of a wonderful journey throughout the American West ...

She was fascinated,
and, without doubt, changed.

She was moved by these landscapes where surprise follows wonderment, where a grandiose nature, generous, almost supernatural irretrievably overwhelms ...

She felt like she was taking root in the millenial forests,
she wanted to let herself be carried out in the arms of the numerous canyons.

But, mostly, she had the irrepressible desire to drive along without ever stopping into the mythical Death Valley .

She closed her eyes and let herself listen to the wind whispering in Monument Valley ...

She immensely loved the curves of these landscapes that were offering themselves to her without any restraint like drawings of women bodies revealing their femininity without any complex.

These paintings are born from this journey and she invites you to immerse yourself into them...

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Blandine Tholance
32 avenue de la Division du Général Leclerc - 78200 Mantes-La-Jolie - France